Asbestos Removal Control Plans


If you intend to remove greater than 10 square metres of non-friable, (e.g. Fibro) or any amount of friable asbestos you will need to be supplied with an Asbestos Removal Control Plan by a licensed asbestos removalist. The Asbestos Removal Control Plan must be available on site with a copy to the person who commissioned the work. The Plan will need to address the following;

    Control measures - What is to be done to minimise dust and debris from the removal work area (e.g. enclosure, warning signs and fine mist spray to supress dust).
    Planning - Ensure that it is well planned and that the removal work is carried out in a safe manner (e.g. domestic works not conducted during the school holidays when children are at home).
    Methodology - How the works will be conducted including method, tools, equipment and PPE (e.g. disposable suits and respirators).
    Certification - Air monitoring and clearance inspection with Certificate.


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